This is one of our signature guitars, which has been originally designed for the musician Iñaki Antón (Uoho), former guitarist of the group Platero y Tú and currently member of the group Extremoduro.

This is a SG type model, enlarged both in thickness and perimeter, with the special aspect of being totally hollow. It has a lid and arched bottom. Its body and neck were made of the mahogany tree, the fretboard is ebony, and the top of curly maple.

It uses a unique structure of harmonic bars to support the strings without carrying a tailpiece similar to the Maruxa. (Patent Pending).

With a wraparound bridge and tokaa pads. Composite radio of 10 to 14 inches, as recognizable in many of our designs. Jumbo 150 frets, a bone nut, two independent volume controls for each pickup, a tone control for a bass pickup and a three position tone control.

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